Moses SMT on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit

1. Install necessary libraries

sudo apt-get install libboost-all-dev automake csh tcl tcl-dev tk gawk gzip bzip2 p7zip subversion git libtool
cd ~
mkdir moses
cd moses
mkdir bin

2. Install giza++

cd ~/moses
tar zxf giza-pp-v1.0.7.tar.gz
cd giza-pp
cp GIZA++-v2/GIZA++ ~/moses/bin/
cp mkcls-v2/mkcls ~/moses/bin/
cp GIZA++-v2/snt2cooc.out ~/moses/bin/
cp GIZA++-v2/snt2plain.out ~/moses/bin/
cp GIZA++-v2/plain2snt.out ~/moses/bin/

3. Install irstlm

cd ~/moses
svn co irstlm_svn
cd ~/moses/irstlm_svn
./configure –prefix=/home/luyi/moses/bin/irstlm
make install

4. Install xmlrpc-c

cd ~/moses
svn co xmlrpc-c
cd ~/moses/xmlrpc-c
sudo make install

5. Install mosesdecoder

cd ~/moses
git clone git:// -b RELEASE-1.0
cd mosesdecoder
./bjam -j2 –with-irstlm=/home/luyi/moses/bin/irstlm –prefix=/home/luyi/moses/bin/decoder –bindir=/home/luyi/moses/bin/decoder/bin –install-scripts=/home/luyi/moses/bin/decoder/scripts


Part 2: Running an SMT system

We will use the Experiment Management System (EMS).

1. Requirements: GraphViz, ImageMagick, and GhostView

sudo apt-get install graphviz imagemagick gv

2. Run a sample configuration (need SRILM)


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